Flexible pricing plans

Plan your assignments, find your freelancer, build your team and pay when the work is done


Pricing plans


Strengthen your team with a freelancing specialist


 fee of the invoiced amount*

Perfect for short term projects and to quickly strengthen your current team or adding specialist competence.

Engage a complete team

Custom pricing


For the big projects with multi-disciplinary roles and specialist competences.


* TopSkills by Cool Company is a free-to-use digital service for searching and finding freelancer specialists. You only pay a percentage-based service fee when your contracted freelancer is working on your assignment. The fee is calculated based on the freelancer’s approved work reports and is added to your monthly invoice that you will receive from Cool Company.



How do I find a freelancer?

When you have created an assignment and posted it in the app, we will automatically start matching your needs with our freelancers. You evaluate and decide if you want to continue with any of the candidates. A TopSkills agent will assist you in every step so that both you and the freelancer are on the same term when signing the agreements.


How do I pay the freelancer?

If the freelancer doesn’t have his/her own company, you will receive a monthly invoice from Cool Company, our parent company. The invoice both includes the freelancers fee and our service fee, 15% of the invoiced amount.


How do I create an account?

To create an account, you only need to post an assignment and your agent will assist you with the set up. To use TopSkills and post assignments is for free.


What does Topskills cost?

To use TopSkills and post projects is for free. You only pay a percentage-based service fee when your contracted freelancer is working on your assignment. We charge a 15% fee of the invoiced amount.



We offer a unique marketplace to companies and freelancers wanting to collaborate.

Dedicated agent

Get help from a dedicated TopSkills agent who helps you through out the full process.


Efficient and dedicated matching process to cater to the unique needs of your project.

Easy project tracking

Tap into the Cool Company project planning tool to track and approve the Freelancers’ work reported.

Compliance Coverage

Agreements easily understood and to the point. Access dedicated service and legal agreements in one place.

Payment Solutions

Track and organise invoices and handle expenses in our integrated payment system through Cool Company.