How does it work?

Our TopSkills bot and our dedicated TopSkills agents will find the best freelancer for your next project


Hire a freelancer

Create and post a project

Create a job post together with our TopSkills agents to find your next freelance talent and extend your team.

Review the top candidates

Our Topskills bot and your agent will get to work right away to find candidates that matches your demands. Your agent will keep a close contact with you and present potential new talents.

Benefit from our tools to manage the agreements process

Our end-to-end system lets you organize and message freelancers throughout the hiring process. And if needed – your TopSkills agent will always be nearby.

Follow up with our contract and payment solution

We offer tools for agreements to ensure that both you and the freelancer have an untied view on payment, timings, terms and conditions both before, during and after the project.

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