Stockholm, Sweden

We are now looking for a Javascript and Python Developer. You will be in a team that will work on developing a proof of concept wizard for commercial teams in the customer to use as guidance for which products they should promote towards the merchants.

Assignment description
Build a frontend solution (wizard/questionnaire) to be hosted on the customers  intranet page in where
commercial teams will be able to input a set of parameters to be used in a decision engine for which
products should be promoted. The wizard/questionnaire will also need to be able to also display the result
of the decision engine.
Build a decision engine that will decide which products should be promoted.
Build a database that will store information about the customer’s products and configuration options, to be used
by the decision engine.

Required Skill-set
● Minimum 3 years of experience working as a developer/software engineer.
● Experience building databases and frontend applications
● Experience in programming languages such as Javascript and Python
● Fluent in English

For more info contact:

Melanie Temml

TopSkills Agent

Duration3+ Months
Desired StartJune 1st 2021

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