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TopSkills is a new way to connect freelancers that are looking for their next project with companies that are looking for skilled freelancers.

“I only have good things to say about TopSkills. It’s been really smooth getting and accepting assignments”


Digital Growth Expert

“It’s been a great experience working with TopSkills. Recommend!”


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“When I wanted to take the step from sales to marketing, I reached out to TopSkills and it worked great!”


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Let TopSkills do the work for you. We match our freelancers with our job posts based on skills, experience and preferences to find the best fit and the top candidates.

All candidates are vetted and qualified by our TopSkills agents with long and extensive experience in matching, finding and hiring freelancers.

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“When our inhouse IT team where really swamped recently we used TopSkills to find external help. It only took a couple of days to find and sign with a great IT-developer. Fast and very convenient.”

Rebecca Bengtsson

CEO, ZmartBag

Working with a TopSkills Freelancer the past months has been really good for business. He helped us set up a SEM funnel and in just the first month we saw results. Adding to that, communication and administration with both the TopSkills people and our Freelancer has been very smooth.”

Martin Berg

CEO, DX.no

“The solution was just a quick Google search away and when we got in touch with the team I felt that they fit us well. They are nice and warm people who are always extremely solution focused.

Peder Broström

Food & Service och Event Manager på NICK’s

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